Everything You Need to Know About the RAK7258 Commercial LoRaWAN Gateway

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Key Features

● It supports up to 8 RX and 1 TX LoRa Channels

Setting Up the Gateway in 4 Easy Steps

The RAK7258 is very easy to set up, and with these 4 simple steps, you can begin to enjoy the wonderful features of the device:

Step 1: Attach the antenna

The first thing you want to do is to screw on the antenna to the SMA connector on the front panel of the gateway (it comes disconnected in the box).

Step 2: Power the Gateway on

We recommended that you use the 12V DC adapter that comes with the gateway. As an option, you can use your own PoE cable and injector (the Gateway supports PoE).

Step 3: Connecting to the Gateway and to your Network

There are several options here as you can have different backhauls (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular). We, however, will limit ourselves to explaining how to connect to the RAK7258 via Wi-Fi as this seems to be the quickest and easiest option. We will assume that the Gateway is connected to the Internet via the Ethernet port (DHCP router on the other end). For alternate options please refer to the Quick Start Guide.

Step 4: Connecting the Gateway to TTN

There are many options to use for a LoRa Network Server. We are going to make our example with The Things Network (TTN) as it is the most popular, public solution available.

RAK7258 Figure 1 | Packet Forwarder Settings
Figure 1 | Packet Forwarder Settings
RAK7258 Figure 2 | TTN Gateway Registration Screen
Figure 2 | TTN Gateway Registration Screen

Rounding Up

As you can see, the RAK7258 is as feature packed as it is easy to configure. In case you need more detailed information on key features and configuration options check out our RAK7258 document repository.



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